How Black & Code Visual Communication began…

Black and Code Visual Communication emerged from the well-established Studio Paeper owned by Matthias. Studio Paeper was realizing motion design and TV broadcasting projects since 2009. His clients at that time already included WDR, Kinderkanal (KIKA) ZDF, Telekom and DHL.

One day Matthias was contacted by the visual effects artist Sury. He was still finishing his studies in the UK and looking out for a business partner in Germany. Sury wanted to start his own visual communication production studio and had heard from Matthias through a contact from from Marie.

Therefore, it came that Marie arranged a meeting between Matthias and Sury on Christmas 2013 at the ‘world-famous’ take-away ‘Tommi’s Imbiss’ in Genthin. Here, they cradled the first ideas for a new studio to combine both of their skill areas.

Over the next months while they were still working under ‘Studio Paeper’, Matthias and Sury were preparing the rebranding of Black Code Visual Communication. Most of all, the new studio should impress with a comprehensive service portfolio able to provide a full-service visual communication package to its clients from TV, movies, industry and advertising.

The brand Black & Code was finally registered in December 2015 in Cologne, Germany. Finally, start of a new era of CGI production for visual communication was celebrated on the annual Christmas Party. To demonstrate the coming transition the first double-branded coffee cups were given away to all freelancers and supporters.

Since then Black and Code could extend its portfolio towards high-end CGI graphics. Therefore, today we are able to offer also photorealistic product visualizations, technical 3D animations and physics-based simulations for advertising purposes and VFX movies.

Black & Code Visual Communication today…

As a result, Black & Code is employing five fixed people today. Moreover, it gives away numerous opportunities to creatives who like to work on exciting projects.

Almost no project is similar to the other. It seems like new ideas are coming up every day. Hence, life is always vibrant in our studio at Rudolfplatz.

Black and Code is always open to welcome new creative minds. Visit our  Jobs Page if you want to become part of the team or work on our projects. Or simply contact us for any questions.

our team

Matthias Paeper

Motion Design


Suryanshu Rai

3D | VFX | Animation


Marie Foerste

Marie Förste
Business Development Manager


Christian Kloprogge

3D Artist


Verena Geiseler

3D & VFX Intern


Communication Designer