VFX for the „Bridge Constructor Portal“ Trailer

Bridge Constructor Portal

 Yes! You read the name correctly! The famous computer game Portal has hooked up with Bridge Constructor to release „Bridge Constructor Portal“. 

This new crossover game from Headup Games and ClockStone Studio represents a magnificent blend of the laws of structural engineering and the portal technology, generating an exciting new game experience.

Our Contribution

We had the pleasure to be involved in the production of the trailer of this iconic game. Our main contribution to the project was in the departments of look and style development, 3D modeling and layout.

The main challenge in this job was to create a simple but elegant solution for both, the background and foreground elements. Working under a very tight timeline we had to come up come up with a unique style that fits within the design framework of the game.

To realize this task, we assigned a team of four artists to it. After assessing the scale of work, we decided that kitbashing was the way to go. Therefore, the next three days we spent creating a custom kit from scratch, with the work divided between three artists.

We split up the work in a way that while one artist did the main block structures, another took care of medium level detail and the third artist worked on small level detail. After this, it was just a matter of putting things down and making sure the layout works good from all the camera angles. This was when Shawn from Raw Mind Pictures and our friend Nicolas came in with their years of experience in storytelling and cinematography.

To see the final outcome, you can view the trailer HERE.

Out now!

The international announcement trailer for “Bridge Constructor Portal” was produced by Raw Mind Pictures. The visual effects work was managed by our VFX supervisor Suryanshu Rai and our friend Nico Miebach. We are thankful for everyone involved in this project. You are great! 

The unique puzzle game with the original voice of Ellen McLain as GLaDOS is now out on Steam, iOS & Android. We hope you like the trailer and enjoy playing the game!



With Hektor, the dragon (Hexe Lilli), into Children’s Animation Movies

We are proud to announce that we have just completed our animation work for the German feature film ‘Hexe Lilli rettet Weihnachten’.

 Continuing the Hexe Lilli series

The movie is the realization of the same-named children’s book from Ludger Jochmann (Knister) and the 3. part of the film series, which is entering the hearts of many families and children since 2009. In ‘Hexe Lilli rettet Weihnachten’ the little witch Lilli (Hedda Erlebach) conjures santa’s little helper (Jürgen Vogel) from the middle age into her world to teach a lesson to her little brother. The unusual visit causes a lot of trouble for Lilli against which only the real santa can help.


Animating Hektor


Our task in this project was to animate 25 shots of Hektor, the dragon and Lilli’s little friend. With the voice of the well-known German Actor Michael Mittermeier Hektor is giving Lilli advice on how so solve her problems. 

The character animation was done by our team of experienced 3D artists who have been working on other famous feature films like ‘Happy Family’ and ‘Mullewapp’ using the animation software Maya from Autodesk.

The animation had to be completed in a time period of four weeks as the release date of the movie is already the 9th of November 2017. To keep on top of the very tight schedule and to deliver with a short turnaround time our team used the project management softwares Shotgun and F-Track, which we found to be amazing for getting the work efficiently done while keeping the quality up to a high standard. 


Trailer and Release


The first shots of our animation work can already be seen in the official movie trailer at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7m-_xn-I8bM

With our work on Hexe Lilli 3 we have set our foot into the German animation industry and are now hungry and excited for more. Our pipeline for feature film level CGI is ready now and we feel well prepared to take on new animation jobs! 



Photorealistic 3D product visualizations – check out our Bianco di Puro ‘Volto’ blender commercial

The new age of advertising    



We all know those glossy shots that are used in extravagant commercials. Those beautiful product visualizations are made to express the flawlessness of a product. Using creative graphics,  perfect

Fluid Simulation: Chocolate on Almond

Black & Code: Chocolate on Almond Fluid Simulation

resolutions and smashing exposures they show the details of the product in an impressive way. In addition, splashing fluids and soft smoke seem to serve as a reminder of the extreme efforts that must have went into the production. 

However, unlike you may assume, the majority of those commercials are not shot with pricey, high-end cameras. Instead, they are often entirely generated on the computer. Nowadays, complex 3D softwares are helping artists to rebuild a product with every detail along to the client’s expectations.


The ‘Volto’ blender product visualization 



In January we have released our first product visualization for our  client Bianco di Puro – the famous high-end blender manufacturer from Cologne. The task was to present the new blender model ‘Volto’ with a product visualization that reflects the charming character of this machine. Volto stands out with its clean unisex design, a modern digital display, a temperature damper and a variety of functions.  In just a few moments this blender uses its powerful motor to create perfect smoothies, almond milk, cashew butter and more.


The ‘ product visualization production process 



Bianco di Puro: Volto: BladesBefore the production we developed mood boards to decide on quality measures and color schemes. In addition, a short animatic helped to present the feeling of how the future advertisement could look like. After agreeing on the overall concept, our 3D team started the production with the help of the latest CGI softwares. The 3D modeling of the blender was done in SideFX Houdini. The same software was also used for setting up the scene, digital cinematography and animation. Finally, all shots were composited and rendered Mantra.  The commercial was output in full HD at 25 frames per second (fps). The commercial was shown at the Ambiente 2017 fair in Frankfurt and can now be found on the website and youtube channel of Bianco di Puro.


Produce your product visualization with us!


We are looking forward to producing more videos of products from various industries. If you would also like to have a product movie like this, please get in touch with us. Our specialists will help you with the concept and the realization throughout the entire production process. 

Product Visualization: ‘Volto’ Blender

OnAir Design for Marine Le Pen – Frontfrau der europäischen Rechten on Das Erste

The French election is heating up! And most of Europe is interested who will make the race! Could it possibly be Marine Le Pen?


In the course of the French election we could be part of telling the story! With our ideas to the onair design of the documentary ‘Marine Le Pen – Frontfrau der europäischen Rechten’ (engl. Marine Le Pen – Front woman of the European rightists) we helped to bring the facts closer to the German audience. This episode explains the rise of the rightwing nationalistic parties in Europe.  For this Michael Wech, Janine Bechthold, Tina Roth and Olga Sviridenko went on a roadtrip through France and Russia to uncover interesting facts about the French politician Marine Le Pen from Front National . If Le Pen wins it would have an immense effect on all Europe. She promises a referendum for the withdrawel of France from the EU just after the election.

The documentary was an episode of the TV series ‘Die Story’ that gets behind the curtains of hot social and political topics from Germany and around the world.

For this episode Black & Code was taking care of the onair design of the show. Our graphics team in Cologne designed the title, generated the lower thirds and took care of the full-screen explanations. Subsequently, they animated the graphic material. Finally, they finished the movie with the credits of all the people involved in the production. All motion design work has been done with After Effects from Adobe.


We are curious how the French election evolves and what consequences this will have for us Europeans. Even more we await the federal election of Germany in September 2017 and hope for positive outcomes. Keep following our blog and like us at Facebook. We are sure we will work on more political topics like this in the next months.

Missed this episode?

This episode of ‘The Story’ was broadcasted on 10.04.2017 on DAS ERSTE but you can still find it in the database of the TV channel at: http://www.daserste.de/information/reportage-dokumentation/dokus/videos/marine-le-pen-118.html