Introducing the emotion engine framework the upcoming Pirate Skills Workshop in Cologne

We are super excited to co-operate with Pirate Skills and Startplatz to host an amazing event about visual storytelling! At the event, Sury will talk about the basics of visual storytelling using his unique “Emotion Engine” framework.

Telling and listening to stories is an intrinsic need of humans that never deceased. Stories can give a meaning to people’s lives, provide them with continuity, reveal their background and history and transfer values from generation to generation.

At Black & Code we are aware that storytelling has proven to be one of the best engines of growth for making a product or service aware in the almost infinite amount of information that is available online and offline. A lot of work has been put into the field of targeting in the last few years.As the technology providing marketers with an unparalleled ability to focus their efforts on pinpointing customers continues to increase, we are constantly keeping us updated about this important topic. We participate in webinars, reading up to date magazines, attending events and workshops and simply have our eyes open at whatever happens in the marketing world out there.  If we find something really exciting we share it on our external editorial Luma & Lore Instagram account, which we set up just for that.

It was therefore just in time that we met Ben Sufiani who invited to speak at his upcoming event STORYTELLING – The Secret Engine of Growth’ which is part of the online course series from Pirate Skills helping marketers to level up their chances chance in the super competitive world of digital marketing. At the event, our co-founder Suryanshu Rai will present his own framework of the emotion engine that is based on the same deep-rooted human psychology concepts that playwrights, filmmakers and authors have been using for generations to engage and entice audiences to emotionally connect to the exact demographic you are targeting to develop a deep relationship to your potential customer.

The event will take place at Startplatz (Mediapark) Cologne on the 5th of December 2018 at 7pm. The tickets are free but seats limited. You can reserve your seat at


The trend towards Photorealistic 3D Product Visualizations

Photorealistic 3D Product Visualizations are everywhere!

If you look for a product today, you will soon notice that the quality of images is getting better and better. Often online shops, smart device applications and social media platforms enable us to view the products very closely with a zoom function, to make them turn and, in some cases, to even take them apart with a simple mouse click. While doing this the resolution of the image with all its textures remains the same. What we are talking about here are not traditional  photographies anymore but complex, photorealistic 3D product visualizations.

The trend of photorealistic product visualizations!

In the trend of photorealistic product visualizations the products are rebuild on the computer in their very detail and with nature-like textures and lightings making a perfect image that is almost indistinguishable from a high quality photograph.

The advantage? Flexibility!

Once a product is made in 3D, there seem to be endless possibilities. The product cannot only be put out in every exposure, also changes like colors, labels and lightings are easily possible at any time. This makes especially a lot of sense for product series that comes, for example, in different colors. If the product is still in the development and should only be launched in a few weeks, a photorealistic product visualization can help to tease on the product and help the manufacturer to estimate the demand before the official launch. 


Photorealistic product visualizations prepare products for the digitalization!

They can be can be made for the use in any online platform and digital technology and they can be adjusted even afterwards. And should the products be animated for a turn or should the customer be able to play with the product with a computer mouse, the file can be prepared exactly for this.


                                                         Sounds interesting?

Then have a look at the photorealistic 3D product visualizations of Black & Code at ‘Product Visualization’ an. If you have any questions about this topic or need an independent offer for the visualization of your product, feel free to contact us at any time! 

VFX for the „Bridge Constructor Portal“ Trailer

Bridge Constructor Portal

 Yes! You read the name correctly! The famous computer game Portal has hooked up with Bridge Constructor to release „Bridge Constructor Portal“. 

This new crossover game from Headup Games and ClockStone Studio represents a magnificent blend of the laws of structural engineering and the portal technology, generating an exciting new game experience.

Our Contribution

We had the pleasure to be involved in the production of the trailer of this iconic game. Our main contribution to the project was in the departments of look and style development, 3D modeling and layout.

The main challenge in this job was to create a simple but elegant solution for both, the background and foreground elements. Working under a very tight timeline we had to come up come up with a unique style that fits within the design framework of the game.

To realize this task, we assigned a team of four artists to it. After assessing the scale of work, we decided that kitbashing was the way to go. Therefore, the next three days we spent creating a custom kit from scratch, with the work divided between three artists.

We split up the work in a way that while one artist did the main block structures, another took care of medium level detail and the third artist worked on small level detail. After this, it was just a matter of putting things down and making sure the layout works good from all the camera angles. This was when Shawn from Raw Mind Pictures and our friend Nicolas came in with their years of experience in storytelling and cinematography.

To see the final outcome, you can view the trailer HERE.

Out now!

The international announcement trailer for “Bridge Constructor Portal” was produced by Raw Mind Pictures. The visual effects work was managed by our VFX supervisor Suryanshu Rai and our friend Nico Miebach. We are thankful for everyone involved in this project. You are great! 

The unique puzzle game with the original voice of Ellen McLain as GLaDOS is now out on Steam, iOS & Android. We hope you like the trailer and enjoy playing the game!



With Hektor, the dragon (Hexe Lilli), into Children’s Animation Movies

We are proud to announce that we have just completed our animation work for the German feature film ‘Hexe Lilli rettet Weihnachten’.

 Continuing the Hexe Lilli series

The movie is the realization of the same-named children’s book from Ludger Jochmann (Knister) and the 3. part of the film series, which is entering the hearts of many families and children since 2009. In ‘Hexe Lilli rettet Weihnachten’ the little witch Lilli (Hedda Erlebach) conjures santa’s little helper (Jürgen Vogel) from the middle age into her world to teach a lesson to her little brother. The unusual visit causes a lot of trouble for Lilli against which only the real santa can help.


Animating Hektor


Our task in this project was to animate 25 shots of Hektor, the dragon and Lilli’s little friend. With the voice of the well-known German Actor Michael Mittermeier Hektor is giving Lilli advice on how so solve her problems. 

The character animation was done by our team of experienced 3D artists who have been working on other famous feature films like ‘Happy Family’ and ‘Mullewapp’ using the animation software Maya from Autodesk.

The animation had to be completed in a time period of four weeks as the release date of the movie is already the 9th of November 2017. To keep on top of the very tight schedule and to deliver with a short turnaround time our team used the project management softwares Shotgun and F-Track, which we found to be amazing for getting the work efficiently done while keeping the quality up to a high standard. 


Trailer and Release


The first shots of our animation work can already be seen in the official movie trailer at

With our work on Hexe Lilli 3 we have set our foot into the German animation industry and are now hungry and excited for more. Our pipeline for feature film level CGI is ready now and we feel well prepared to take on new animation jobs!