Black & Code Jobs

Black & Code Jobs

We are always looking for talented artists from Germany and around the world to join us. Just like one wolf alone cannot take down a big beast, we believe that bringing together the greatest CGI experts from around the world will enable us to realize the greatest projects with stunning outputs. To realize our jobs we are using high-end CGI softwares like the entire Adobe Creative Suite as well as Maya, Houdini and Renderman etc..

Project-based Opportunities

If you would like to work with us, please keep your eyes open for the open positions below and contact us if something comes up! We are looking forward to hear from you!

Motion Design

2D & 3D Animation




If you are interested in working on one of our projects, please send your latest showreel, a list of references and what softwares you have experience with. In addition, we need to know your availability in the next three months. Please send all information to Marie at

All potential freelance candidates will be invited to our studio for a short getting-to-know session. Please come prepared! We don’t need to see your CV and cover letter. We need to get convinced that you are a passionate artist living for his/her profession. Hence, your digital portfolio and a happy mood is all we need from you when you visit us. If then have a job that matches your skills and requirements, we will call you.

Fixed vacancies


To creative companies: we are very open to develop great and fruitful work relationships. Therefore, if your company does something that matches great with our visual content services, please contact us with your idea. Together we can develop a collaborations strategy that benefits both of our companies and certainly provides powerful advantages to our clients!