3D Animation

Bring your characters and products to life! We create high-end 3D animations and visual effects for your advertising video and movie. We also simulate physical movements like fluids, smoke and water – all done with the latest up to date CGI softwares like Autodesk Maya and SideFX Houdini. Contact us with you initial idea and we will bring on your project.

Product Visualization

Do you have a great product that you would like to visualize for your ecommerce efforts or online video? Using the latest 3D programmes we create photorealistic images, product videos or TV commercials. The quality of photorealistic product visualizations is completely independent from the outside circumstances like weather, dust, light etc. We can generate your product with your initial ideas and change the details development stage and affects Need a quick quote? Just contact us and send an photo of your product to get started!

2D Animation

We create 2D animations to get your message across in an entertaining video for your internal communication, to present your service in video clips or to simply tell a story in cute animation movie or cartoon. Our 2D service includes character design, story development, animation, compositing and post production. We also generate 2D animated graphics to show scenes that could not be filmed for temporal or legal reasons using illustrations for re-enactment.  Contact us with your idea and requirements and we will get you going!

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Infographics are short videos that explain complex products, services or topics in 2-3 minutes. As 85% of consumers are more driven to buy a product after seeing a video they are becoming an indispensable marketing tool. With more than 14 years of experience creating infographics, we are the right contact partner when it comes to a creative explaining concept with a unique style. Whether you already have an idea or not, we help you at every stage of the production process. Just contact us and we will get started!

Motion Design

Motion Design or Motion Graphics create the illusion of motion or rotation from digital footage or animation. Using smart CGI tricks we can combine computer graphics with real film material to create for you creative design effects for TV commercials, TV Show openers, broadcast designs, image films, promotional videos and much more. Just drop us a message to get started.

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