Oi Weh!

So! We decided to use wordpress to create our website and then wordpress decide to upgrade the version and then the template we based our website on decided to stop working and then our website disappeared and then Donna called me and said "Oh my god Sury are you serious how can you not have a working website?" and then I shrugged and I said "like this" and then Robin's friend messaged me on Instagram and then Julius called me about it too and then I decided to let people know that I know it is all broken and I am working on it. Phew!

In the meantime, if you have a project for us or want to get in touch with us regarding anything, just hit me up!

You can write to me at s.rai@blackandcode.com. I normally check my mail around 6000 times a day, so I will get back to you pretty soon!