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Bridge Constructor Portal Trailer

Bridge Constructor Portal

Yes! You read the name correctly! The famous computer game Portal has hooked up with Bridge Constructor to release „Bridge Constructor Portal“. This new crossover game from Headup Games and ClockStone Studio represents a magnificent blend of the laws of structural engineering and the portal technology, generating an exciting new game experience.

Our Contribution

We had the pleasure to be involved in the production of the trailer of this iconic game. Our main contribution to the project was in the departments of look and style development, 3D modeling and layout. The main challenge in this job was to create a simple but elegant solution for both, the background and foreground elements. Working under a very tight timeline we had to come up come up with a unique style that fits within the design framework of the game. To realize this task, we assigned a team of four artists to it. After assessing the scale of work, we decided that kitbashing was the way to go. Therefore, the next three days we spent creating a custom kit from scratch, with the work divided between three artists. We split up the work in a way that while one artist did the main block structures, another took care of medium level detail and the third artist worked on small level detail. After this, it was just a matter of putting things down and making sure the layout works good from all the camera angles. This was when Shawn from Raw Mind Pictures and our friend Nicolas came in with their years of experience in storytelling and cinematography. To see the final outcome, you can view the trailer HERE.

Out Now!

The international announcement trailer for “Bridge Constructor Portal” was produced by Raw Mind Pictures. The visual effects work was managed by our VFX supervisor Suryanshu Rai and our friend Nico Miebach. We are thankful for everyone involved in this project. You are great! The unique puzzle game with the original voice of Ellen McLain as GLaDOS is now out on Steam, iOS & Android. We hope you like the trailer and enjoy playing the game!