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Photorealistic Product Visualizations

Photorealistic 3D Product Visualizations are everywhere!

If you look for a product today, you will soon notice that the quality of images is getting better and better. Often online shops, smart device applications and social media platforms enable us to view the products very closely with a zoom function, to make them turn and, in some cases, to even take them apart with a simple mouse click. While doing this the resolution of the image with all its textures remains the same. What we are talking about here are not traditional photographies anymore but complex, photorealistic 3D product visualizations. The trend of photorealistic product visualizations! In the trend of photorealistic product visualizations the products are rebuild on the computer in their very detail and with nature-like textures and lightings making a perfect image that is almost indistinguishable from a high quality photograph.

The advantage? Flexibility!

Once a product is made in 3D, there seem to be endless possibilities. The product cannot only be put out in every exposure, also changes like colors, labels and lightings are easily possible at any time. This makes especially a lot of sense for product series that comes, for example, in different colors. If the product is still in the development and should only be launched in a few weeks, a photorealistic product visualization can help to tease on the product and help the manufacturer to estimate the demand before the official launch.

Photorealistic product visualizations prepare products for the digitalization!

They can be can be made for the use in any online platform and digital technology and they can be adjusted even afterwards. And should the products be animated for a turn or should the customer be able to play with the product with a computer mouse, the file can be prepared exactly for this.

Sounds interesting?

Then have a look at the photorealistic 3D product visualizations of Black & Code at http://www.blackandcode.com/work/ under ‘Product Visualization’ an. If you have any questions about this topic or need an independent offer for the visualization of your product, feel free to contact us at any time!