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Product Visualization of the Bianco Mixer

The New Age Of Advertising

We all know those glossy shots that are used in extravagant commercials. Those beautiful product visualizations are made to express the flawlessness of a product. Using creative graphics, perfect resolutions and smashing exposures they show the details of the product in an impressive way. In addition, splashing fluids and soft smoke seem to serve as a reminder of the extreme efforts that must have went into the production. However, unlike you may assume, the majority of those commercials are not shot with pricey, high-end cameras. Instead, they are often entirely generated on the computer. Nowadays, complex 3D softwares are helping artists to rebuild a product with every detail along to the client’s expectations.

The ‘Volto’ Blender Product Visualization

In January we have released our first product visualization for our client Bianco di Puro – the famous high-end blender manufacturer from Cologne. The task was to present the new blender model ‘Volto’ with a product visualization that reflects the charming character of this machine. Volto stands out with its clean unisex design, a modern digital display, a temperature damper and a variety of functions. In just a few moments this blender uses its powerful motor to create perfect smoothies, almond milk, cashew butter and more.

The Product Visualization Process

Before the production we developed mood boards to decide on quality measures and color schemes. In addition, a short animatic helped to present the feeling of how the future advertisement could look like. After agreeing on the overall concept, our 3D team started the production with the help of the latest CGI softwares. The 3D modeling of the blender was done in SideFX Houdini. The same software was also used for setting up the scene, digital cinematography and animation. Finally, all shots were composited and rendered Mantra. The commercial was output in full HD at 25 frames per second (fps). The commercial was shown at the Ambiente 2017 fair in Frankfurt and can now be found on the website and youtube channel of Bianco di Puro.

Produce Your Product Visualization With Us

We are looking forward to producing more videos of products from various industries. If you would also like to have a product movie like this, please get in touch with us. Our specialists will help you with the concept and the realization throughout the entire production process.