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Storytelling workshop with Pirate Skills

We are super excited to cooperate with Pirate Skills and Startplatz to host an amazing event about visual storytelling! At the event, Sury will talk about the basics of visual storytelling using his unique “Emotion Engine” framework. Telling and listening to stories is an intrinsic need of humans that never deceased. Stories can give a meaning to people’s lives, provide them with continuity, reveal their background and history and transfer values from generation to generation. At Black & Code we are aware that storytelling has proven to be one of the best engines of growth for making a product or service aware in the almost infinite amount of information that is available online and offline. A lot of work has been put into the field of targeting in the last few years.As the technology providing marketers with an unparalleled ability to focus their efforts on pinpointing customers continues to increase, we are constantly keeping us updated about this important topic. We participate in webinars, reading up to date magazines, attending events and workshops and simply have our eyes open at whatever happens in the marketing world out there. If we find something really exciting we share it on our external editorial Luma & Lore Instagram account, which we set up just for that. It was therefore just in time that we met Ben Sufiani who invited to speak at his upcoming event STORYTELLING – The Secret Engine of Growth’ which is part of the online course series from Pirate Skills helping marketers to level up their chances chance in the super competitive world of digital marketing. At the event, our co-founder Suryanshu Rai will present his own framework of the emotion engine that is based on the same deep-rooted human psychology concepts that playwrights, filmmakers and authors have been using for generations to engage and entice audiences to emotionally connect to the exact demographic you are targeting to develop a deep relationship to your potential customer. The event will take place at Startplatz (Mediapark) Cologne on the 5th of December 2018 at 7pm. The tickets are free but seats limited. You can reserve your seat at https://storytelling-meetup-by-pirate-skills.eventbrite.com/