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With Hektor into children’s movies

We are proud to announce that we have just completed our animation work for the German feature film ‘Hexe Lilli rettet Weihnachten’.

Continuing the Hexe Lilli Series

The movie is the realization of the same-named children’s book from Ludger Jochmann (Knister) and the 3. part of the film series, which is entering the hearts of many families and children since 2009. In ‘Hexe Lilli rettet Weihnachten’ the little witch Lilli (Hedda Erlebach) conjures santa’s little helper (Jürgen Vogel) from the middle age into her world to teach a lesson to her little brother. The unusual visit causes a lot of trouble for Lilli against which only the real santa can help.

Animating Hektor

Our task in this project was to animate 25 shots of Hektor, the dragon and Lilli’s little friend. With the voice of the well-known German Actor Michael Mittermeier Hektor is giving Lilli advice on how so solve her problems. The character animation was done by our team of experienced 3D artists who have been working on other famous feature films like ‘Happy Family’ and ‘Mullewapp’ using the animation software Maya from Autodesk. The animation had to be completed in a time period of four weeks as the release date of the movie is already the 9th of November 2017. To keep on top of the very tight schedule and to deliver with a short turnaround time our team used the project management softwares Shotgun and F-Track, which we found to be amazing for getting the work efficiently done while keeping the quality up to a high standard.

Trailer & Release

The first shots of our animation work can already be seen in the official movie trailer at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7m-_xn-I8b With our work on Hexe Lilli 3 we have set our foot into the German animation industry and are now hungry and excited for more. Our pipeline for feature film level CGI is ready now and we feel well prepared to take on new animation jobs!